• When searching for a new space to lease always​ use a local market expert. 

  • A brokers primary purpose is to present valuable information to their client and insure that the deal is in the best interest for their client. 

  • A broker can help negotiate a more favorable market rate, possible free rent, more tenant-Improvements, Security Deposit reductions over time.

  • Limited Pass-Thru exposure by negotiating a Cap on CAM’s or NNN’s. If you don’t know what those are, call us!

  • Increase Warranty Periods; HVAC, Mechanical Features, Roof.

  • ​​Provides flexibility for a growing company
  • No Down Payment

  • Do not need up to 3 years of previous financial info.

  • Lease payment is a tax deduction

  • Rent increases​

  • Market uncertainty upon renewals

  • ​Less control over the property

  • ​No long term equity on the building

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  • SBA Loans that requires only 10% down payment

  • Exceptionally low interest rates.

  • Tax benefits of depreciation and interest write offs.

  • Potential for property appreciation and hedge against inflation.

  • Fixed Occupancy Costs

  • Total Control of future of the asset

  • Use a local market expert to be educated and update on the Market. This way you will know when “The Deal” presents itself and you don’t have to hope the Agent’s opinion has your best interests in mind.

  • Our proprietary database tracks owners and tenants in real time which will often present “Off-Market” opportunities that often go unpublished.

  • ​Keep updated on the Latest Government Regulations, which can be a costly mistake if your agent is not passionate about their job.

  • ​Know that investing in Real Estate has a long term outlook, it is not in your best interest to "time" the market cycle if the space you desire is available

  • Upfront Costs; Down payments, Due Diligence Expense, Building Preparation for your specific use.

  • Subject to changes in equity as a result of the current market cycle.

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Disadvantages of leasing

Advantages of leasing

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